Birthday at Claustrophobia in Tallinn

This birthday is certainly to remember! Invite your friends to do a quest and a get a discount of 10% for a game! The discount is valid for 3 days: on the birthday, one day before it and one day after. To get a discount, show a document confirming your identity and date of birth.

Student days

You think the students’ routine is hard? We’re going to change it! We’ll make any day easy, exciting, and fun! All students get a 10% discount Monday to Friday for all games before 03:15 PM. The discount is provided if any of the players on the team has a student’s ID card.

For Facebook users

Are you fond of social networks? Seize the chance to get a discount! Come to play, take a quick photo at our brand wall and post it to Facebook. Do not forget to check in at Claustrophobia Tallinn together with your team players! Did everything right and showed it to our operator? A 10% discount is yours!

Discounts are not cumulative