Фотография квеста «Gravity»

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You can reserve the game on our website one hour prior to its beginning at the latest. Reservation is still available at +37256975459
Age limitations: 14+
Rigorous candidate selection, training and drills for months on end, a long and grueling flight to the orbit. Everything goes down the drain. No sooner had the airlock closed than the orbit delivery spaceship you came with undocked and set out on a journey home. Behind your back, there is nothing more than darkness and cold stretching over hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Only a space station completely ruined by a disaster lies ahead of you. We have to make our way to the orbital module as quickly as possible. That’s our only chance to survive and come back to the Earth. All the systems are operating in the emergency mode, you have only one hour of air. Let’s get down to it!

Please note that the quest contains mechanisms the interaction with which is prohibited if you are pregnant or if your weight exceeds 120 kilos. For the passage of the quest will need to remove your shoes.

In case you don’t manage to arrive by the game exact starting time, we shall keep the right to reduce your game time accordingly.

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